PTR offers private, in-home lessons so that you and your family can learn how to better connect with your four-legged buddy in your own environment.


All packages should be completed within 6 months of first appointment date. It is important to keep momentum going and not allow too long a time frame to lapse between sessions. A consistent training schedule is critical to implementing a successful training program. Contact us today to set up your first session!

  • New Puppy Orientation (12 months or younger)

    One session per week - 6 weeks ($300)

    It is important to start training your puppy as soon as you bring them home to set the foundation for a harmonized relationship. Let PTR help you “puppy proof” their environment and introduce them to basic obedience. Focusing on socialization, manners, crate and potty training, handling and grooming, and attention behaviors will get your puppy started in the right direction.

  • Basic Obedience

    One session per week - 6 weeks ($300)

    Manners are just as desirable in dogs as they are humans. Let PTR teach you and your dog the basics of doggie manners. Sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, recall (come when called), loose leash walking, and release are the basic manners that will be taught.

  • Advanced Obedience

    90 min per week - 4 weeks ($350)

    Does your dog have a good hold on the basic manners inside the home? PTR will build upon the basic obedience manners and offer more challenging distractions for your dog such as manners outside the home, plus work on greeting situations.

  • Focused Behavior Training

    One-hour consultation/evaluation ($100)

    Does your dog have certain behavior issues you can’t seem to get under control? PTR will evaluate your dog’s behavior in their environment, concentrating on the issue at hand. Based on this initial visit, PTR will create a training plan that will help everyone in the home understand how to build and foster a healthy relationship with your dog and overcome the behavioral issue at hand.


    Specific problem behaviors will be priced according to the evaluation performed and amount of time needed to overcome the problem.

  • Follow-up Consult

    One-hour home visit ($70)

    PTR will follow up with an in-home training session designed to reinforce any of the private training services received from our training packages.

  • Dog Walking/Loose Leash Training

    30 min walk ($30)

    Is walking your dog a challenge? Do they pull on the leash and tend to walk you? Or maybe you just don’t have the time? Let PTR walk your dog with the perks of loose leash training at the same time.

  • Phone Consult

    30-minute phone consultation ($45)

    Call PTR for personal advice on your dog’s specific training/behavior problem. Your situation will be analyzed and a personalized action plan will be suggested.