Jack and Daphne are Sara's rescued Rottweilers.

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PTR offers in-home positive reinforcement training for dogs of all breeds and ages in the Huntsville, AL area.


Positive reinforcement training is based on behavioral science and concentrates on rewarding your dog for good behavior while shaping their world to eliminate undesirable behavior. This form of training has many benefits, such as engaging the entire family in the training process, allowing safe and humane training options, and strengthening the bond you have with your pet. It’s a simple and fun way for your pet to learn!


In-home training allows us to observe the behavioral problems your pet has in their everyday environment. By assessing your pet’s behavioral issues, we can help you understand why your dog behaves the way that he/she does, and provide insight and tools to correct the undesired behavior.

Pioneer Naturals Dog Food

PTR is a re-seller of Pioneer Naturals dog food. Pioneer Naturals is a high quality, all natural dog food and our dogs will never eat anything else!! Give your dog the best!!! Pioneer Naturals is not sold in stores.

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